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Hey… its great to be alive…the sun is shining..the birds are singing in the branches above me as I stroll down our tree-lined avenue… any human contact is acknowledge with a “good morning” or some similar extended conversation..all is hunky dory…

I turn into the main road, along to our local garage.. just a mere matter of a few yards and the atmosphere changes…it is completely different….to start with, you dice with death if you deem to walk across any part of the forecourt..once you enter the shop…there’s no’s somewhat chaotic…there’s a lack of politeness..I get the feeling if I was to show some friendship in anyway, it would not be appreciated…”just a weirdo”…or worse..completely ignored…but the good thing is..after making my purchase of necessary provisions, I need only to get to the junction again and… all is well…but what did happen to sociability…and how can this possibly happen?

The real question is, when did people lose the capability to answer when someone says “goodbye”.   (Perhaps they just weren’t made aware of the word politeness)…. thankfully, I still can’t actually drop this habit…

But, listen here…now this is somewhat remarkable.. I have come to the conclusion the French are more that’s a phrase I never expected to utter…they will always insist on replying “merci” “bonjour” and “au revoir” or similar salutation…….and lets face it…it isn’t difficult..or is it?

What say you?


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