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an Ironic….yet oh so tragic story…

While on our way around the Tate we dropped into a Photographic display area where most, if not all were foreign snappers.

I was drawn by a cardboard plaque alongside some scratched images of a woman…and this is what it said:-

“These are prints from negatives that were scratched because of a jealous husband from the Baqari family, who never let his wife out by herself.  He was upset to know that she came to be photographed in my studio without telling him.  He came asking for the negatives.  I refused to give them to him, because they were on a 35mm roll.   In the end we agreed that I would scratch the negatives of his wife with a pin, and I did it in front of him. Years later after she burnt herself to death to escape her misery, he came back to me asking for enlargements of those photographs, or other photographs she might have taken without his knowledge.”

Akram Zaatari – Photographer, born and works Lebanon

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