“Superb Photography”

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   Nay!…rubbish Photography

I know on first appearance, it may sound like I am blowing my own trumpet but I was sent a link on Twitter recently stating I must view, the “Superb Photography” by Felipe Neves and I feel compelled to give my own opinion.

Quite frankly most of his assignments, I would have said, were lacking in imagination.  He seems to just point the camera and fire.  As a photographer of 50 years it is seems alien to me how there are thousands of qualified people giving advice to potential artists and yet here is a man who goes completely against the grain.  If it was pleasing imagery, then I would be the first to give credit where it was due.

In fact, I would go as far as to say that there are thousands of amateur photographers on Picasa and Flikr that have produced far superior images.

While many people have offered up comments, along the lines of the title, I just cannot see the attraction to his “work”.  Photographs, many of which, I personally would have thrown so as not to confuse with the important wanted shots.

Please don’t make an assumption that I am either too old or that I have no knowledge of my chosen career.  I have followed many photographers work including Cartier-Bresson, Jacques-Henri Lartigue, Bill Brandt, Helmut Newton, Ansel Adams, Duffy and not forgetting the infamous David Bailey….one who was also a favourite and published on a regular basis in the fashion bible called Vogue and that was David Montgomery.

Regarding “FN”  if indeed, you want to waste your time google this person…..but I don’t intend to show a pic or even a link…hey!..you might get contaminated..


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