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a Grand Day Out

..on my own admittance..its obvious I don’t get out much these days…

On the line

My acting delivery boy, to my son Oliver, by fetching one of his latest University projects from home, back to Campus before his deadline was up, was a leisurely trip pour moi on Tuesday…

Not many weirdo’s that day …in fact no-one even close to being one…mind you..if you count the woman talking to herself, out loud then…

Looking ahead watching while the train meandered along through the cuttings, that didnt appear to exist, I was reminded of the Nick Park’s film “Wrong Trousers”…..

 when Gromit was laying the rails ahead in accordance with the direction of the  chicken…(or was it a penguin)…

Finally my train glided into its last port of call….Farnham…where it rested for some minutes and then departed for its next destination.

Initially, it becomes a little bit weird to know, you can go somewhat of a distance..stop for refreshments and still recognise someone, apart from my son of course.  Having dealt with thousands of people while carrying out my extensive photographic career in Exhibitions, I don’t suppose it is that much of a coincidence.

Reflecting on my train excursion,  I realised it had been a great day for people watching.. even had the opportunity to read a good book…

On disembarking at East Croydon, I did observe a stunning woman going in the opposite direction.…which in its self is unusual…the stunning part, I mean…whoops…

How would I describe her..yes..she was quite tall, (when I say that I mean she was taller than me).  She had blonde/white hair, light skin, light blue eyes and immaculately dressed…if you had seen her you wouldn’t forget…she managed to turn heads..not only men..perhaps she was a catwalk model…on her way to a fashion show.

Considering her overall appearance, it suddenly occurred to me that she was the epitome of what Hitler was aiming at all those years ago…and if…just if…Adolf had succeeded in his quest and ruled over Britannia, what would the inhabitants have looked like in comparison to our current mixed race community.

Without realising it my mind was suddenly in overtime mode just at a moment when I should have my ticket ready.  The dictator would never have put up with so many different religions.. certainly wouldn’t have had any patience with any ugly in looks or darker skin pigment…we are led to believe.  Yes, I did possess blondish hair as a lad, but I  still wouldn’t have escaped…with my brown eyes..

and how many “English” would have?

Mind you as “he” had brown eyes.. perhaps I might have stood a chance after all.  We were reliably informed,

“He only had eyes for the ‘pure’ Aryan race”.

Or did he?  Actually blondness, it would seem, was not an exclusive characteristic.  Propaganda films, such as films showing members of the Hitler youth, or girls doing gymnastics, display the normal range of physical features found among German, e.g. many blondes, but also many persons of darker colouring.

Can you imagine, in a civilised piece-time regime under the Nazis who would have made the decision on just who were the “handsome ones” and what would have been the features they would look out for..

Our culture would have definitely been so different…

Being British these days is all about driving in a German car to an Irish pub for a Belgian beer, then travelling home, grabbing an Indian curry or a Turkish kebab on the way, to sit on Swedish furniture and watch American shows on a Japanese TV.   And the most British thing of all?

Suspicion of anything foreign!

                                                        But lets face it,  what would Hitler and his boys have made of the Scots and the Irish?

Would he have even bothered with attempting to conquer Wales…a quick reconnaissance would have left the Nazi vehicles tumbling off the desolate roads of Snowdonia…

my imagination was running wild…

oh! well…back to reality…just where did I put my ticket?

Hey!..maybe we are due for a film along those lines……


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