Peter Pan on Ice

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Having been invited as two of several “Special Guests” to a showing of Peter Pan , my wife and I were treated to something extraordinary.

I had actually (wrongly on reflection) made an assumption that this was probably just another PR exercise on behalf of Fairfield Halls, so I was somewhat sceptical in my attitude.  In fact I was indeed, wondering if I was just too busy to bother attending.

Even after being plied with food and wine before the start, I was still wondering if I could be diverted…out the door…but I relented..

Moments into the show and I realised why I should be more patient.  The set on stage, along with the lighting, was superb and with the help of J.M.Barrie, the author, who by the way was an excellent dancer, managed to narrate the story by mime dancing on this very slippery surface.

The overall presentation was a mixture of delightful dance/ballet on ice whilst creating amazing unusual rope tricks..emphasising the cleverness, ingenuity of all on stage…a stage that suddenly seemed somewhat larger.

Everyone in the cast seemed to give a full 100% and I was inspired by their competence and  professionalism.   I would think most of the attending audience, including myself,  were spell bound by Tinkerbells performance. … Captain Hooks monster 7’ appearance…the pirate with a subtle way of wearing her heart on her bum….and all the onstage incredible fun and games .

After the interval, the second half was far from disappointing and we were again delighted with even more brilliant skating skills, along with more stage antics.

As this astounding performance came to a close, the 2/3 full audience rose to their feet for an en-core , clapping and shouting for more.  Clearly I wasn’t the only one that had enjoyed this superb Russian Production.

I commented as we were leaving, that personally, I don’t believe I had ever seen a more stunning show in all my life.

I can only highly recommend this show and I would like to thank the right people for treating us to such a splendid evening.

A special thank you all the staff at Fairfield Halls.

Please…don’t miss this incredible show.

 Fairfield Halls


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