Bus Crash in Thailand

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Gap year students killed in Thailand bus crash –  read the original story  – Telegraph

The girlfriend of one of the lads said….Sun Newspaper

but meet the Guardian contributor who ‘actually smiled’ when three gap year travellers were killed…. the telegraph

She then apologises online blaming her attitude on the type of stage acts she watches.  My own view…..But then a Tory gets involved…. Clare George-Hilley  @ClareHilley  Conservative Councillor in Croydon and work in Public Affairs.  (Deputy Chairman for Membership of Conservative Future)…After all the comments directed to this so-called jounalist, Clare has joined in with hers,

“Typical bloody lefty:  Hope she’s ashamed of herself…”

Totally agree with her about the shame but…”Lefty”….that doesn’t help the Conservative party…..hope I never have the choice to vote for you Clare…

I hope I speak on behalf of all…our thoughts are with the relatives and friends of the lads.


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