9 out of 10 nuts

It’s been that time of year when the squirrels have been collecting their winter supplies.

They are on target to disappear soon…those lovely fluffy tailed creatures that live in the trees.  Well actually they will be seen after mid-December as they don’t totally hibernate like other animals.

Nevertheless, the food storage is important for the cold months ahead. They can be seen frequently collecting nuts and burying them in hidey holes. In fact one grey has decided to hide some in our lawn.

Memory test

Watching them it would seem that if they are interrupted, by other rival squirrels, they will either turn their backs…or pretend to bury…or both…bit like you when you are hiding Christmas Presents…well…not the burying bit though.

I wasn’t aware but extensive studies have shown that the grey has an advantage over the red squirrel. Not in battle…but the memory.   The red loses out to the opposition having around 32 days memory…whereas the grey has 60+ days.  Hence the reds are smaller in number.  Perhaps the scientists should try to capture as many reds and give them a memory upgrade.

Squirrels in general will remember 90% of their stash. So maybe in the future, we could possible have more trees growing in the middle of our lawn.  Mind you, having a squirrel killer amongst our 4 cats, hasn’t helped the local grey community.

I will always find these fluffy vegetarians fascinating, even though they are considered vermin.  They aren’t known for being aggressive…so why not enjoy their existence

Oh! and by the way…


the offending cat, Barney, has a collar now with a bell to give the squirrels a better chance of escape.


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