It happened today, 2012

red bus 2

On a day when I had to deliver the car for its updated MOT, I was obliged to using public transport to return home.   That’s not to say, I don’t always enjoy travelling in this fashion.

But, it always seems to happen…someone will get on and in an effort for some fresh air, they selfishly open the nearest window to themselves.  No  permission needed from fellow passengers, it would seem and the rest of the journey is spent with a dramatic cold blast of air, on all those seated behind.  Their own apparent lack of understanding of how windows actually work never ceases to amaze me.

On a different day this week, I and others were forced to endure a somewhat noisy, very white skin chav, who although youngish, still managed to look like a female Jimmy Saville.  Seated a few rows behind me, her every note from her MP3 player was clearly heard by most of the downstairs section of the bus. girl-with-headphones A very brown skin lady in the seat in front of  me,  turned towards this Janny Saville and raised her eyebrows.  I did feel she might suddenly break into song at some stage of this short ride.

Looking around at other fellow passengers, I noticed another refined lady who I felt certain would suggest to her she would turn the offending player down. Maybe she did, because happily for me, I alighted the next stop.  Thinking on, if it had been Tiesto, Gem or anything Chill-out I might have stayed on the bus.

 “a year ~ alcohol-free”

I digress…so back to today…alighting off the bus and walking the last 100 yards to my house, it suddenly occurred to me it was exactly one year to the day that I gave up alcohol.  It was for several reasons but the main was that I was affected by the Panorama programme with Alistair Campbell.  I became aware that my life style, at one time in my life, was similar to many people in a situation where you were entertained with drinks on a daily & drink

This was mainly while working away from home.  Daily routine could start with a bucks fizz, then a reception a glass of white wine followed at lunch with a red wine.  In the afternoon it would be beer etc.  Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t consider myself to be an alcoholic but according to the labour Prime Minister ex-adviser most of the general public are just that.  Well at least those “working” in and around the houses of Parliament.

More recently for myself, the routine would have bene a shared bottle of wine at the end of the day.  That did lead on to sometimes a bottle and a half.  Alistair, in his persuadable way, then went on to show the possible, unattractive death from Alcohol poisoning.  If you have ever visited a hospice, then you probably will have been painfully aware of that near to last breath experience.

The Queen’s Silver Jubilee in 1977 was the first year the price of petrol was used in the inflation basket. Then it cost the equivalent of 18p a litre.  it priced a pint of beer at less than 40p.  Mind you, according to the TV Licensing people, their cost was £8 for b/w or £18 for colour per licence fee.

The average water bill in London area was £15 but the bill was said to be 15% below the national average.  The national average was about £17.65.

Food wise, British breakfast has soared in price. Bacon has gone up a blood vessel busting 370%. Sausages have shot up a sizzling 342%. Eggs have scrambled themselves a 460% rise. And your two slices of white bread or toast with that have risen a staggering 700% in those 35 years.

According to “This is Money” website £100 then, is equivalent to £567.00 now.

I had my last cigarette around +35 years ago and do you know, I’m still dying for a fag.  I well know that if I had that sly Christmas cigar treat just once, I would return to paying out for packs of twenty.  They are still 30p a pack?

So the question is…should I go back to the odd drink?

I do miss visiting the vineyards in S.France…


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