Come on girls…

net playWhilst reflecting on the many years I have been a group leader for the Junior badminton club (now re-named “Shuttles”), it has become obvious that boys at any age throughout their early and late teens enjoy their exercise and thankfully that includes badminton. Otherwise we wouldn’t have a club.  Running around for 2-3 hours is not a problem for them.

Whereas with girls from around 12 years onward unless they are already hooked on a sport, it is almost impossible to encourage them to take to the court.  Apart from the celebration times proving to all how excellent their skill are, whilst playing on a beach or at CentreParks while on holiday. Please…this don’t see this as a criticism, but seemingly a fact of modern day life.  Girls in that age group, can probably see the more attractive alternatives.  I did firmly believe that the positive mood created by the 2012 Olympics would change all that and inspire others to join.  Perhaps they did and joined other sport orientated clubs.

Although my statement may seem to some readers to be a generalisation and I agree maybe to some extent it is, when each year I promote the badminton club, and I have more interest from the boys, you begin to notice a somewhat worrying trend. I have spoken to several women on this subject and they surprisingly agreed with my statement, so its not me being a complete “male chauvinist pig.” Indeed one year was almost completely boys.  I felt obliged to apologise to one girl when she was the only one attending that week but I certainly didn’t expect her response. She informed me she went to a private girls school so it was actually great to meet boys.

poster for new members blueIn the past when lets say, 2 girls have joined, then they often brought along friends, sisters and cousins and I will admit, at some stages over the years, we have had a majority of female players. Quite honestly, as this has just appeared to have been a trend over the last few years,  it could indeed change, with the right sporty  youngsters joining.  Each Saturday, we meet at Purley United Reformed Church Hall, and the idea is to enjoy a  few games and use up some energy.  Its a youth club that plays the game.  Not intense.  No pressure.

As recently some of the older members have now moved up and are playing to a high standard at the senior club, it currently leaves some places for new players. If you are interested or you know parents with youngsters that want to maybe lose shoppingthem while they do the weekly shopping at Tescos…then please get in touch.

“Shuttles”  Junior Badminton

web site:-

phone:-  01689 800628


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David Juster - Professional Photographer Specialist in all aspects of Display, Exhibitions, Conferences, PR, Award Ceremonies, and Studio. Also Volunteer coach for a junior badminton group. Personal Interests:- • Badminton • F1 • Spurs • Computers • Electro Swing • Owner of holiday home, available to rent in South of France.

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