Great American Cars Of The Forties – 1946-48 Pontiac

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In late 1945, American automakers started picking up where they’d left off before World War II. Pontiac was no exception. Introduction of brand-new post-war designs was some three years away for most companies, due to materials shortages and lack of time. General Motors was further hampered by a major strike that erupted in November.


But it didn’t matter. For the moment, getting back to civilian production was the industry’s top priority. The reason was pent-up demand. The public had gone nearly four years without new cars, and most buyers were happy to pay full list price or more for anything on wheels-even warmed-over’ 42s-as long as it was new. The result was an unprecedented seller’s market.


Pontiac weighed in with a car that many remembered as being pretty nice in pre-war form. Like its GM sisters, the division had acquired newly designed body shells for 1940. These got a minor…

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