Now UKIP’s Winston McKenzie wants to ban Christmas

Inside Croydon

Winston McKenzie, Nigel Farage’s UKIP candidate for Croydon North at next year’s General Election, wants to stop his branch members from holding a Christmas party.

Ho! Ho! Ho! Is Winston McKenzie turning into the Grinch? Ho! Ho! Ho! Is UKIP’s Winston McKenzie turning into the Grinch?

Locally, McKenzie has become known as the “Chump from the Dump” since his televised remarks at his “Croydon Carnival” last spring, when he tried to explain why his party leader failed to show up at his election rally in the town centre.

Some of his fellow UKIP members are now describing their chairman as The Grinch, following a totalitarian email sent out this week which includes the weasel phrases: “This is not a threat” and “Head Office has been informed”. Be afraid. Be very afraid…

In his message to members of UKIP’s Lambeth and Croydon North branch, of which McKenzie is chairman, the failed ex-boxer and wannabe politician warns that if anyone dares stage…

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