Purley Pool to close as council Budget cuts begin to bite

Inside Croydon

Croydon Council is to close Purley Pool in a cost-cutting exercise aimed at avoiding having to spend at least £780,000 on the cost of urgently required repairs and renovations to the much-neglected swimming facility.

Purley Pool: under constant threat of redevelopment Purley Pool: under constant threat of redevelopment

Purley’s swimming pools’ fate was sealed once the council opted to build another pool and fitness facility at Waddon, as part of the financially disastrous CCURV urban regeneration scheme undertaken by the previous Tory-run council with John Laing.

The Waddon Leisure Centre was given a green-light when Mike #WadGate Fisher’s Conservatives wanted to lure voters in the local ward with the enticement of the £15million new facility. That strategy failed – to the obvious discomfort of one out-going Tory councillor – and with Purley being in the true-blue Conservative south of the borough, while Waddon is now held by Labour, the decision to close the pool will doubtless be…

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