What a set-up…

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And quite honestly the people on the street realised…

most did a double take…and why? Because his clothes were too neat. “Torn” by scissors…nice clean black bag…and so on…even the “down and out” looked too good to be true…with a NY hat that was so positioned correctly as if he spent a good amount of time in front of a mirror.

Do they honestly believe that so many passer-bys would be taken in. …especially as the scene was being captured by probably 2 cameras. If they really believed the so-called reality of the pavement dramatics, at least 5 would have stopped.

So condescending of them to produce this staged non-event.


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David Juster - Professional Photographer Specialist in all aspects of Display, Exhibitions, Conferences, PR, Award Ceremonies, and Studio. Also Volunteer coach for a junior badminton group. Personal Interests:- • Badminton • F1 • Spurs • Computers • Electro Swing • Owner of holiday home, available to rent in South of France.

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