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1970’s Croydon


Row Over Brexit

How toxic is your car exhaust? – BBC News

A few Uber facts:

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  • Uber driver rapes 2016= 32
  • Uber driver rapes 2017= 48 (and counting)
  • Uber pays next to nothing in Taxes costing the taxpayer millions which could be spent on the Nhs, schools, police, fire service etc.
  • Most Uber drivers earn less than the minimum wage even after doing 18-hour shifts and then claim tax credits to survive.
  • A lot of Uber drivers do not go through the correct Police record checks,
  • the Buckingham Palace attacker and the Forest Gate stabber were Uber drivers.
  • A lot of the drivers can’t speak English and haven’t a clue where they are going or how to drive.
  • Uber surge prices x3 when there are terrorist attacks whereas Black Taxis were taking people to safety for free.

Unless Uber are willing to be regulated properly which I can’t see happening because it doesn’t fit their business model of slave Labour and be trying to destroy all the competition with low fares then their prices will go up fourfold (guaranteed),these same people will be saying I wish we still had Black Taxis and minicabs but by then it will be too late!

Oh! by the way ES, why no bad press about Uber?

Maybe, because your editor is a certain George Osborn also works for BlackRock on a salary of £650,000 a year for four days work. Blackrock invested a reported £124 million in Uber giving it a stake which is now worth nearly £500 million. Undoubtedly, it is in his interests for Uber to succeed.

Another coincidence, BlackRock also manages TfL’s, Pension Fund.

Corruption at the highest levels.

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All change on trams as TfL decides Elmers has reached an end — Inside Croydon

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Transport correspondent JEREMY CLACKSON reports on an end to direct tram services from New Addington to Wimbledon The operators of the Croydon tram system are to introduce drastic changes in the service next month – without consulting their passengers, or even Croydon Council first. The changes appear to be a direct consequence of speed restrictions […]

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Europe October 2017

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