South of France

la Carabasse

I consider myself very lucky, to own a holiday home on a beautiful parc called la Carabasse Parc, located near to a popular beach known as Vias Plage.

Vias, itself is a small market village in the Languedoc Region of France.  Local towns are Pezenas, Agde, Cap d’Agde, Sete, Beziers and the nearest being Montpellier, is 70 kilometres away.  This area of Languedoc, has much Roman history.


The sandy beach overlooking the Mediterranean Sea is literally 15 minutes walk away and throughout the year, there are concerts and theatrical events taking place in and around Agde & Beziers.canalside 2

The tree-lined Canal du Midi runs from Agde almost through to Beziers without a lock.

It is great for bike rides along the towpaths, passing by white horses, vineyards, Olive trees, cane fields and varying boats.

A great trip is to the village of Saint Guilhem le Désert where caverns are deep in the side of the mountain.  mountain climbThe village itself is relatively unspoilt and well worth the visit.

Go on through the village and climb up to the mountain peak, to le château du Géant for a more overall view of the surroundings.  You can include some canoeing in the gorge at the lower end of the village, for another adventurous day.

Around the region are plenty of vineyards, so if wine is your requirement then you have plenty of choice.  Many Vineyards will offer a taste of their best wines and of course is somewhat cheaper than in the UK, especially if you order in larger quantities. I actually favour St.Felix-de-Lodez at the foothills of the range of mountains near to Lodeve.

holiday home                    holiday time

larger photograph           Trip Advisor video


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